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Founded in 2016, Home Management by Design was conceived by Dianne Formica, the managing director. Dianne recognized that people everywhere face the same problem, the accumulation of too many items. Rather than go through the hassle of trying to sell these items themselves, many people simply decide to discard them. This is where Dianne saw an opportunity. We will photograph, catalog and, along with our partnering site, place your items in an on-line auction. The following steps are typical of the process.


Inventory, Set up and Stage


Take Measurements and Photographs



Write Descriptions and Catalog Items



Edit the draft catalog and establish timelines for the auction


Designate one day (typically 4 hours in length) for bidders to pick up the items they won. The pick up is managed and closely supervised

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Versatile Services

Home Management by Design offers consulting, organizing and liquidating services. Whether you are hoping to make a profit or simply want to reclaim some lost space, Home Management by Design can help.

Let DiaNne Reduce Stress

We strive to take the stress out of downsizing and always put our clients first. When contacted, Dianne comes to you. Walk us through your home or business, point out what you want to keep and what you wish to dispose of— leave the rest to us.

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Simple Home Repairs

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Our clients


“Prior to the sale of my home, I engaged Home Management By Design, LLC, owned by Dianne Formica. Dianne organized, planned and staged the house, as well as cleaned up the outside yard in preparation for listing. Once the house was sold, Dianne made arrangements with a long distance moving company to move me from Pennsylvania to Texas. Dianne also disposed of unwanted furniture, clothing and various items through an online auction catalog complete with photos, measurements and descriptions of each item. Everything that was put in the auction sold! Her professionalism and the results she achieved exceeded my highest expectations.”

George G., Carversville, PA 2017

“Home Management by Design, Dianne Formica, was the BEST choice I could have imagined to help me with my very large auction. There was so much stuff that we worked for five months on it. Dianne has endless energy, is very organized and thorough, and has a positive outlook on all aspects of the auction. She always drove the 60 miles (one way) to arrive at my house when she promised, and when she ran into a conflict, she always kept me informed and/or asked my permission. Her upbeat attitude kept me going. She’s a treasure and well worth the fees I paid her. Dianne and I are now fast friends.”

Joanna H., Emmaus, PA 2017

“When I downsized my home, I elected to use the MaxSold “by owner” approach, not fully realizing the task involved. That’s when I decided to contact Home Management by Design. Thank goodness I did. Dianne came in and took over. She organized the lots, photographed and catalogued them and submitted them to MaxSold. No muss, no fuss. She also managed the pick up day to insure that it went smoothly as well. Can’t say enough about reliability, professionalism, and dedication. If you’re planning to downsize, make sure you contact Home Management by Design. You’ll be happy you did.”

Mike C., Macungie, PA 2017

“Dianne is really good. So far she has helped to organize two online sales.  Our objectives were to get rid of stuff and break even, and with her guidance we sold 99% and made some good money. She’s highly organized, comes well-prepared, knows what sells and what doesn’t, knows how to group things to enhance sales, and photographs items assiduously.  She’s so careful that she informs us of hidden value that we had missed.  Then she catalogues expertly.  Finally, she knows all the games people can play and is a watchdog at pickup times.  We’ll happily use Dianne again.”

Herbert J., Lambertville, NJ 2017

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